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  • Play is the way we learn to live

  • Play is the way we learn to live

Hechter! (Dutch for ‘more attached’) is a recognised educational institute offering courses in the field of Trauma and Attachment for professionals in care and education. We specialise in embodied work.

Lonneke van Elburg and Stefanie van Ruijven are the driving force behind Hechter! Both have an academic background and have specialised in attachment & trauma. They are certified International Course Leaders for the International Sherborne Cooperation (ISCO). They have been working in care and education for almost 20 years, specifically in mental health care, youth & family care and with people with mental disabilities.

Stefanie and Lonneke are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience. Hechter! is constantly developing beautiful programs which centre around joy in connection, trauma sensitive care and education, creating emotional security and the experience of “being ok just the way you are”.

The number of requests for schooling from care and educational facilities has been on the rise, and with that the need for bespoke offerings. Are you looking for a custom-made course or workshop for your organisation? Please contact us so we can talk about the possibilities.

Some of the options are:

  • Sherborne Developmental Movement Basic Course Level 1 and 2 (resulting in an internationally recognised certificate)
  • Sherborne Attachment Play (Therapeutic application of Sherborne Developmental Movement. This programme focuses on trauma recovery and the enhancement of the attachment between the child and its caregivers.
  • Play2gether in Schools (A programme that combines the best of elements from Sherborne, Theraplay and Sensorimotor psychotherapy, and can easily be integrated in schools by teachers as well as therapists. This programme focuses on group bonding, emotional security in the classroom, body focused tools for affect regulation and socio-emotional growth)
  • Masterclasses focusing on relational bodywork, with the aim of trauma treatment and enhancing attachment, strengthening children’s self-confidence and socio-emotional skills.